Rev. Pamela D. McDowell-Sallie, Assistant Pastor

Women's Advisor

We thank you for visiting the Women's Ministry Page.  Our purpose is to demonstrate from scripture how God values women.  We pray that you will begin to serve Him with enthusiasm; allowing you to grow, blossom and develop to full potential with the blessing, provision, protection and encouragement of the Pastor, Women's Advisor and Leadership of the church.

The Women’s Ministry aims to minister to the needs of our church, to encourage growth towards spirituality and maturity, to equip women to serve others in the community and to develop using our gifts in service. 

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Women's Ministry Committee

Deaconess Robin Taylor, Women's Day Chair

Deaconess Constance Moss, Women's Day Chair

Rev. Mable Grier, Outreach Support

Deaconess Constance Moss, Family Help   

Sister Rita Sallie, Skill Development